Port Oster is a sea-side trading town of 7000 people with a gold limit of 15000gp . It is ruled over by Duke Harington, who relies upon his mage hand Gavin Tiago. The local healer is Melorie Brynhildur.

Plot: Players receive letter from anonymous source ((Melorie Brynhildur (dwarf) new the players from something. Improve as you go.))

Arrive in town by boat. Mage approaches them, invites them into town, pays to have them stay at the Rebelwater Inn. The half-elf inn keeper is named Una Riley.

Have some free time. Market time: Gossip: You talk to fruit person. “I’ve been getting some competition from these new tradesmen from offshore. They have some rare fruit, but they seem unfriendly. I asked one about the odd name of his ship, and he didn’t give me an answer.”

“Don’t go to Rebelwater Inn. Last week, someone died there!” “You hear some people stop talking when you approach.”

-A wealthy noble arrives to see the duke. Lots of guards. He’s snobbish. “Lots of nobles have come to see the Duke lately. Isn’t it strange? They never come to talk in person. They’d normally just send their spokesmen.” -Someone asks for directions. Says they are from far away. They say it seems wierd.

-Thief steals something. Upon catch, reviels information. -Someone falls in water, drowning. They happen to be . . . invite you to… give you. -See thief steal something. Talk to owner. -Almost get hit by cart. Driver gives you free something. -Person in grey cloak walks quickly through town. Runs into players. Walks away quickly.

Port Oster